Unlock the value in your legal relationships

Alacrity is an easy to use cloud-based platform that enables clients and law firms to manage all their matters through a centralised system.
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Control Scope
Refinement of your instructions and control throughout
Instruct the Right Firm
Using data to drive decision making
Manage Spend
With concrete deliverables, timelines and budgets
Fewer Surprises
Through centralised progress and budget updates
Improve Relationships
Using analytics to generate actionable insights
Alacrity helps you

Control Budget & Save Time

Get Accurate Proposals

Receive targeted and accurate proposals from law firms based on your specific needs and requirements

Instruct the Right Firm

Confidently instruct the right firm with total clarity on fee estimates, expected deliverables and the relevant experience of the lawyer in charge.

Generate Efficiencies Through Automation

Automate the complete life-cycle of your matters, from initial instruction through to invoice. Invite law firms with a push of a button and re-use old matters and templates.

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Alacrity helps you

See All Your Live Matters at a Glance

All of your Matters in One Place

Instant visibility of all matters giving you complete control. Easily identify matters that require attention.

Receive Progress and Budget Updates

Simply track whether a matter is moving out of scope and off budget with our early warning system - preventing surprises.

Manage Outside Counsel and Internal Stakeholders

Avoid fee disputes with outside counsel. Keep internal stakeholders updated on potential fee overruns and scope changes.
Alacrity helps you

Legal Services that Exceed your Expectations

360° Feedback

Capture feedback on service delivery at the end of every matter. Keep your Law Firms in sync with your expectations.

Relationship Reporting

Understand the holistic value received from each of your law firms, including value-added services and analytics based on all of your completed matters across the platform.

Improve Relationships

Use qualitative and quantitative data to drive effective conversations with your law firms regarding strategic alignment and expectations management.

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Alacrity helps you

Make an Impact Through Data-driven Decisions

Insightful Reporting

Provide the C-suite and board members with valuable management information on legal spend, law firm performance, spend by matter type, AFAs used, and much more.

Maximise Value from your Law Firms

Understand on a deeper level the value being provided by each of your law firms and whether panel adjustments are required.

Drive your Annual Budget

Accurate data to influence the annual budget for your legal department.
Alacrity is

Safe and Secure

Alacrity is committed to keeping its customers' data safe and secure. We conduct regular automated and manual penetration testing against our infrastructure and ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest security developments.
Single Sign On
Alacrity’s platform is extremely simple and easy to use. Even for non-lawyers. It helped me identify a Partner with exactly the mix of experience that I was looking for. I will be using Alacrity again for future projects.
Jack Macfarlane
Chief Executive Officer,
DeepStream Technologies
Alacrity helped to scope my requirements and within a short period of time I received practical and targeted proposals from reputable City law firms. The proposals were easy to compare on capability, experience and price. It was surprisingly easy.
Lousie Jones
Operations Director,

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